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We are leaders in tech sustainability, specialising in IT asset disposition (ITAD), WEEE recycling, and asset recovery. We’re passionate about extending the lifecycle of your electronics while ensuring data security and environmental compliance. Let us enhance your tech efficiency and sustainability through our innovative services.

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Waste of Electronic & Electrical Equipment & IT Asset Disposal Services

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Sick of recycling industry stereotypes, we decided to bring some professionalism to the party and approach recycling in a systematic manner.

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Making life easier for you is our top priority, so we've built systems, portals, and procedures to make our service as accessible as possible. Plus, we've automated our workflow for maximum efficiency (because who doesn't love a good efficiency boost?).

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We Keep Everyone In The Loop

Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging! We'll keep you and your customers updated on the order progress with constant (but not annoying) emails and text messages. Consider us your personal recycling update hotline.

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Electronic Repairs
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Don't stress - we've got this. Our team is confident and professional in their work, and if it turns out the repair isn't worth it, we will ensure parts are recovered and it is recycled responsibly. No muss, no fuss (and no broke bank accounts).

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This people mean business! Very good pricing, fantastic conditions of items, good packaging, next day delivery, address an telephone line just in case. Everything went so smooth. What more can you expect? 10 out of 10!!!!

One of the best sellers I’ve come across, really nice person and very helpful. The item arrived lightning fast as well. Absolutely brilliant seller. Great experience! 5 stars ⭐️

Top communication and a pristine monitor for a great price. I asked them to confirm the condition of the item and the extent to which they assure their assessments and was not disappointed. Saved them as a seller

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Electronics Asset Recovery Service

We understand that in the day of supply chain crisis asset recovery really matters. At TFix we can recover plastic parts, cables and expensive SMT components to be re-used further improving your RMA process, savings costs and improving finished product lead times.

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TF A little bit About Us

TFix is a leading electronics asset management and recycling business, operating throughout the UK, with headquarters in London, providing efficient and cost-effective IT asset disposition (ITAD) and refurbishment solutions for domestic and international manufacturers. Our experience includes providing comprehensive services to a wide range of electronics devices, including wearables, gaming consoles, and audio-video equipment.

We build tailor-made solutions for manufacturers to improve their reverse logistics process. We also help manufacturers to provide ITAD and recycling services locally using natively established customs as per customer already preset expectations.

Our extensive experience in the electronics asset recovery and recycling industry has given us a deep understanding of global supply chain dynamics. We have the expertise to determine the most cost-effective and efficient methods for returning materials to their country of origin and managing the local resupply of refurbished products.

The aim is to streamline the asset recovery and recycling process for end-customers and manufacturers by offering a range of services that simplify the process. These include on-site equipment collection, secure transportation, detailed reporting, live tracking, a customer login portal, and rapid turnaround times. Our expertise allows you to turn obsolete electronics into valuable assets and environmental success stories.